Andreas Templin is a visual artist. He lives in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Here he describes his work-approach:

“My work is often built around idioms of mainstream culture- in formal, visual and contextual means.
It is acting from a post-productive atmosphere of art-production and attempts on
impulsive use of wide ranging styles and gestures.
Taking a creative-direction approach which implements all media and ways of
expression (by principle) and is rather guided by a critical idea-based process with a
rhetorical ending embedded in the finished artwork/ exhibition seems to me very
interesting. It is, from a formal point of view in some tradition with conceptual art,
but is also nurtured from “the idea of the perfect surface” as well as irony and
humor becoming weapons in the artistic process.
I am trying in my work to grasp into the domains of schizoidity, doubleness and
irrationality, the shuffles and interplays these domains are able to stage,
accompanied by a doubtfulness about methods and approaches that attempt to be
very canonical by means of formal or contextual issues.
In traditional means, the rhetorical issues have come to a dissociative end as we all
know and experience. That, for instance there is always the possibility to swap sides
by means of interpreting and re-interpreting facts in a discourse is a strange
This is of course influencing the discourse happening in the visual arts as well.
As I do not see the necessity for a work of art to take sides I “treat the content
democratically: there is a matter of interpretation, but the implemented domains are
not being directed to a certain outcome – to reformulate issues from and out of an
artistic viewpoint in the sense of a democratic blueprint is my foremost intention.”

Extensive informations on his projects and exhibitions can be found at here. He is represented by Curators without borders Berlin


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