Agamben III

In Athena’s Camp (Arquilla/Ronfeldt) we are constantly
monitored, controlled and sometimes sorted out by the
grey eyed and well armed goddess. In terms of
strategy, order is maintained via a command and
control warfare. If you are able to cut the troops off
their commando structure or control system, the
victory will be yours. Consumer culture offered a
broad range of prospects and while doing so, cut us
off to fight for our own cause, because we do not even
know anymore what this can mean or if it is not yet
already a lost one. It is not longer the fog of war or
battle (Clausewitz), which hinders us to oversee the
situation, but the information smog keeps us inside
the fence of Athena’s Camp. Inside our shacks, while
multitasking, we forget about the war, which is going

(ALH 9th February 19:48)


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