fundamentalism I

“Hi Andreas! … Performance is a rich experience for
me. The words of people say me: Mad, Fool, Can I ask
because you think that? Please can you give more
information (seriouslly :-O )
I use city and symbolic areas to perform there. I had
performer with two policemen on horses, in a politic
meeting of PP (wright wing) with people with signs: I
buy gold (Compro oro) with people who demmand money in
the street, in the walls of churchs, in the walls of
Mc Donalds and Kentucky Fried Chiken, ….
Me, like a symbol, modify or reinforce others symbols.
I’n enjoying exploring my freedom.
Greetings Andreas
PACO (My name is Paco)”

This email reached us half a hour ago. Hundreds of
cameras mirrored this symbol until now, superspreaded
it via their cell phones and portable cameras. A free
speeding shift of meaning, while symbol itself keeps
silent – like freedom itself.

(ALH 9th Februry 19:13)


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