Fundamentalism IV

“Hi Andreas!!!
I hope your work goes very very well and growing!!
My work today in the El Rastro area has been
The rastro (a flies market) today was plenty of
I had performing in the middle of thousend persons
with my signs.
Many people taken photos with cameras and mobiles.
There is an specific political left wing area where
people sell propaganda and theoretical books. I
performed there.
People looks me and someone comments with other guy
“”Le doy dos hostias?” (Do I give him two slaps?)
“Dejale! no se mete con nadie! (Leave him! he does not
get with anybody!).
I peformed too with Hare Krishna. Hare Hare Hare Hare
I have listened:
– Mad Yankee go home!
– Is a performance? no! Madrid is plenty of
everything!! no must be a performance it’s impossible
make that seriously!
– Ah! this is Madrid Abierto!!! I read about.
– Fool!!! Fool!!! we are in Spain write in spanish I
don’t understand nothing. Fool!!! (curious, if don’t
understand why knows i’m fool???? I’m sure they
understand symbol)
– He’s the mesiah!
– He’s jesus!

My feet works very well.Though fisically my body feels
the hard work to walk slowly.
My work today from 12’45 till 17’15
Rastro, Latina, Tirso de Molina.
See you when you want!!

Feel free to take your own picture of fundamentalism.
Please don’t jump the queue.

(ALH 13th February 10:16)


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